Light to your eyes

Light to your Eyes Project” began working in Tibet in 2013, and then in Ladakh, India, a year later.A few months after that, the same year, projects were also realised in Central and South America and few months later in the same year, in Central and South America.Since 2016 we have been stablished on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Light to Your Eyes” is offering the refugees living in camps on Lesvos free consultations with an ophthalmologist doctor and them we supply them with correctly graduated glasses.The project is run exclusively by volunteers with the support of a Greek ophthalmologist and some other organisations who transport refugees to the clinic from camps at Moria and Kara Tepe, later delivering the prescribed glasses to the refugee. 

In September 2016, I travelled in my father´s old car (Seat Panda 40) from Barcelona to Lesbos, carrying a cargo of nearly 800 pairs of prescriptions glasses, sunglasses, spectacles cases, wich have been donated by friends and opticians shops.The journey of five days was an intense adventure with very little rest but one that was well compensate, bringing back sight and Light to many of the refugees living on Lesvos.

” Light to your Eyes” have a data-base of over 2000 pairs of prescription glasses that have been donated by friends from my native Spain, from Netherlands, from UK, with contributions coming from the foundation “We Stand Strong” in the USA, various commercial opticians and the ICO ophthalmological clinic in Barcelona.
On many occasions, we can not locate the exact prescription glasses required for a particular refugee on our data-base.In that event, we have to buy the glasses from a local optician (at a reduced price),along with the necessary frames and lenses.For this reason we ask you please to continue to donate prescription glasses, sunglasses that you are not using, and this way we may increase our data-base of stock glasses.And of course donations of any sum is of great assistance when we need to buy spectacles for the user.
Since 2016, due to the generous help of dr.Marselos on Lesvos and the efforts of all the volunteers past and present, hundreds of refugees arriving on the island have had free consultations and been issued with prescription glasses; enabling them to see clearly once again.They come from such places as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan , Iran, Eritrea, Congo, Mali, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Palestine, Sudan … the majority had lost their glasses during their dangerous journeys from countries of origen. Being able to see again clearly, is an essential and basic requirement under strange and stressful circumstances. Imagine what it is like to be unable to see clearly after escaping bombings, conflict zones, the death of family members, followed by days with little or no food, aboard an overcrowded rubber boat, floating on a unpredictable and endless sea and to have lost your glasses.The simple answer is, we can´t imagine it!.Light to your Eyes is assisting children, women and men in regaining a grasp in their lives.Your help makes an enormous difference to people who have lost almost everything, yet who, by seeing clearly again may begin to rebuild their lives.Thank you for bringing light and hope to those eyes and hearts.


 Special thanks to Dr.Marselos who from the very first moment offered to collaborate and help the refugees, to Farhad Timuri,a British-Afghan who was a great support at the beginning of the project, to Lea Vittoria from Italy, she created our database and helped to raise founds to support “Light to your Eyes” project.To Enni Kallio from Norway and Elly Bens from Holland, for their magnificent work of coordination in Lesvos as well as contributing with donations for the purchase of the lenses.Thanks Jimmy, owner of the optical shop in Mytiline who makes us the prescription lenses we need at a very low price. My gratitude to Ahmed Samy Lotf from Egypt, he coordinates the consultations for the refugees who speak Arabic and French; thanks to Bashir (MDM) who helped with the delivery of the glasses for refugees.Thank you so much Amir an Afghan refugee, coordinator and Farsi interpreter and Usman, a refugee from Pakistan, a coordinator and interpreter of Urdu language.Thank you, to make it possible!!.

Thank you for helping us to bring light to the Eyes and Hearts of refugees in Lesvos. For more information and updates about the project  you can visit the blog and gallery of “Light to your Eyes”  



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