Essence of Light

A project of emotional support for refugees and volunteers through floral therapy (flower essences) that help the person to overcome situations of post trauma, fears, shocks, uncertainties … and their consequences at the physical level such as insomnia, digestive problems , kidney, etc).
We offer free bottles preparations based on flower essences. They can be taken by children and adults, without  any side effects,and recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization).

Therapeia therapeuein in Greek means “caring.” It is in this sense of service and care that we speak of flower therapy; it is a way of nourishing and sustaining health with the beneficent forces of nature, in the context of a mindfulness of wisdom and love. Patricia Kaminski, FES (California).

¿What Are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are subtle extracts in liquid form.They are usually taken orally and are used to penetrate emotional patterns linked to deep issues relating to the development of our soul, inner identity and the relationship between our mind and our body. Although the use of flowers remedies for healing can be traced far back in time, a more precise application of flower essences for the emotions was developed by an English physician, Dr.Bach, in the 1930s. Today flower essences are gaining professional recognition at a world level, both for their for their important contribution in holistic health care and as a preventive method towards well being.


My deepest gratitude to FES (Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz), California my source of inspiration and strength in this mission, they collaborate by donating flower essences for the project. To Ian White (Bush Australia), to my dear friend Ricardo Mateos from Gaia Center, a great flower therapist, Jordi (Arke BCN), Sedibac, Nestinar, Elvira Coderch, all from Barcelona, Sophie in Lesvos, Jorge from  León, Mariola from Acción Floral, Paloma from Black Raven in Gijón, Natalia from Costa Rica and my soul brother, floral therapist and great support Mario Castelan from Mexico.


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